Thursday, 14 July 2011

Aggression Part II

It’s been a while since I wrote on here.  I plan to make this a more regular thing once my school work is finished. 

But I saw something on Tuesday that made me feel like I…needed to at least briefly come here again. 

Especially considering the topic of my last entry.

While I was sitting with my best friend around College Park, I saw a punk with his shirt off, covered in tattoos and piercings, yelling about how someone had stolen his picnic bench – I gathered from the shouts that he and his friends come there at lot.  There were people sitting there, on ‘his’ bench, eating their lunch.

Ok – some irritating, noisy people trying to get ‘their’ bench back by sitting next to a couple senior citizens and talking very loudly.  Nothing all that unusual, or particularly bad, about that. 

Just annoying. There were many, many other places to sit.  A public area, after all – but apparently that wasn’t good enough.  So they kept talking, but the other people wouldn’t budge, continuing to eat their lunch.

Then Mr. Shirtless got bored.  And started aiming, and shooting, elastic bands at the pigeons that were waddling around. 

Once – fine. 

But he kept going.

I know a lot of people don’t like pigeons – rats with wings.  However, that really doesn’t excuse you hurting something because you’re bored, or annoyed at someone else took ‘your’ damn picnic bench.

He thought he looked so cool, you could tell – strutting around, carefully aiming the plastic bands at the pigeons; and at one point, yelling, “That’s right, you fucking run!” at the frantically scattering birds.

And it didn’t look cool.  It looked pathetic.

But these overly frustrated people take out their anger on something small, readily to hand, that can’t fight back.  Feeling in control while hurting a bird.  There is really nothing cool, or impressive about that.

I would have preferred to see him fight another person – at least then it would have been closer to a fair fight.

The whole situation was utterly pointless, asinine, and childish.


I will be back again soon, possibly with more thoughts on various kinds of violence – ritual sacrifice has been looming large in my school work, and it absolutely fascinates me.

Violence of one kind or another seems does to be permeating my existence – in both my sleeping and waking hours, now.

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